Kimmitt Consulting is based in St. Petersburg, FL, and offers our clients an array of services based upon thirty years of applied expertise.  Our clients have the opportunity to pick and choose which services may best fit their immediate needs, knowing they’re establishing a trusted relationship for their future requirements.

Kimmitt Consulting has been assisting individuals in accomplishing their personal and business visions for the past several years, whether it be as simple as individual tax savings or as complex as building the next business brand. We take pride in empowering our clients with knowledge that they will utilize today, tomorrow and well into their future.

For example, several growth stage businesses can’t afford an experienced executive to efficiently guide them through the various stages of their emerging business. Kimmitt Consulting provides a bridge for such companies, allowing them to draw on our expertise and efficiently stretch their capital resources.

It is truly our honor to be part of our client’s success.

We encourage you to browse through our client testimonials and determine if Kimmitt Consulting will add value to your team.





"L. Allen Kimmitt, Jr., CPA"

Mr. Kimmitt is a licensed CPA by the State of Florida. He holds a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of South Florida and is the former Florida State Chairman for the Congressional Business Advisory Council based in Washington D.C.

He has thirty years of executive experience in multiple disciplines over a diverse group of industries and has served on company boards  involved in distribution, marketing, hospitality, financial services, management advisory services and a national non-profit organization.

Mr. Kimmitt has experience in investor relations as well as private offerings for the generation of both seed and growth capital.  He has experience in mergers and acquisitions involving both financial and cultural considerations.

It is through these years of expertise that Kimmitt Consulting provides their clients with tax and managerial advice, proven operational systems and strategic planning, moving our clients forward efficiently toward their projected goals.


  • Best Young Entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area in 1997 – Local Publication
  • National Leadership Award 2003 – Congressional Advisory Council
  • Executive of the Year Award 2004 – Congressional Advisory Council
  • Businessman of the Year Award 2005 – Congressional Advisory Council.